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or There and Back Again

10 September
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I'm a 29 year old trainee lawyer wannabe who just finished a Masters in Project Management and I got to write my thesis paper on the computer game industry, including the PM methodologies and development of games.

I love shopping more than I love breathing and I love delicious food even more than that. I am a vegetarian but cook amazing meat-based meals for my boyfriend. It is my long-term dream to start up my own fashion blog but I'm too lazy and always forget to take a photo before throwing on my pyjamas at the end of the day.
I love baking and spending quiet time with friends, cats and family but I'm also an extreme extrovert and find that my most sustaining and nourishing times are when I'm out and about with friends or even by myself. I used to be a dedicated World of Warcraft player but I've stopped playing for more than a few hours a week nowadays.

I love reading over my old journal entries from 2003 onwards and seeing how much I have changed (and dare I say improved?). I used to be introverted, socially awkward and shy. Now, theres nothing I like better than going to a party where I only know one or two other people and meeting new and interesting people.