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Writer's Block: ONTD Games Giveaway [Jan. 28th, 2012|06:19 pm]

my female orc shaman from WoW, Shadiou. She is tough, bad-ass and after 5 years together I feel like I know her really well. She could also heal me up when I'm feeling unwell and beat up all the people who annoy me :D
Which video game character would you like to have as your real-life BFF? One random response will win a $60 Amazon gift card! [Full contest rules here.] Don't forget to share your favorite gamer moments on at 3 p.m. PST for Free For All Friday (FFAF).
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Memes are good for pretending like you're working hard..... [Oct. 12th, 2011|12:49 pm]

Because I'm procrastinating and can't cope with work today...thanks to the gorgeous

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Writer's Block: Internet addictions [Sep. 29th, 2011|09:57 am]

Besides LJ, what websites are you always surfing?

Vogue Forums! So, so addictive:

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What are your favourite 'trashy' eats? [Sep. 22nd, 2011|04:17 pm]
Mine are:

-Burger Rings
- force myself to eat good quality sourdough and grainy bread but all I really want is soft, white bread.
-the Jam toasted sandwiches that the Vietnamese bakery near my work does. Not real jam, oh no, they use the stuff out of jam donuts that is apparently 90% sugar :D
-macaroni and cheese, the orange sort (I'm a bad Italian)
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Relationship dramas (or why do I do these things to myself) part 1 [Aug. 23rd, 2011|03:34 pm]
So back in January, January 21st to be exact, my long term boyfriend Ryan and I broke up. It was a long distance relationship for the entire time, with me visiting him in Brisbane 5 times. He never came to Perth.
It was a really tough break up for me and I was pretty heart broken. It was the first time that I've had that happen to me, that feeling of having my heart ripped out of my chest and I was inconsolable. I remember trying to head home, being pretty much booted out the door of his car at the airport and locking myself in the toilets there for the 2 hours before the plane while sobbing my heart out.
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Julie Goodwin [Aug. 15th, 2011|01:02 pm]
Julie Goodwin, the stay at home Mum and amateur cook who won the first season of Masterchef has just turned down a deal worth $250,000 with Jenny Craig Australia.


Because she is happy just the way she is!

"I don't want to be thin. I don't want to be anything different to who I am,"

This made my day and also makes me want to go buy her lovely looking cookbook and also celebrate the fact that I like me just the way I am too :)

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I like memes [Aug. 10th, 2011|11:47 am]
[mood |contemplative]

1. How many clowns would it take to freak you out?

It only takes one.

2. What is your favorite card game?


4. Five things you can touch right now without getting up.

Styrofoam cup of coffee, laptop, iPhone, bottle of water and my work timesheet (I have to list what I'm doing in chargeable 6 minute increments. I don't think browsing LJ can go no there though, sadly).

5. You have to be somewhere on the fourth floor of a building. Do you take the lift/elevator?

Definitely the lift. I have high heels on today!

6. How do you feel about your reflection?

Great. I used to sit in front of a large mirror at work all day long and once you've seen yourself eating, chewing, drinking and talking you lose all fear of the reflection.

7. What are you thinking about right now?

How much work I have to do :(

8. Write the first word that comes to mind.


9. Dog person or cat person?

Mainly cats, but I love my one special baby-dog Toby

10.If you came across $2,000 (or other currency) would you keep it or turn it in?

I'd probably turn it in, if after 6 months no one has collected it, it would be mine mine mine!

11.What was the last thing that you bought?

Cake & Coffee for my friend Angela and I yesterday

12.If you could afford to go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

San Gimingiano in Italy. For pastries.

13.Where do you see yourself in five years?

Even better than I am now! Hopefully settled into a great career, hopefully married or in a committed relationship with all my friends and loved ones healthy!

14.Last book you've read?

To my embarassment, Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkhaban. Brendan bought it for me...

15.What are you doing this weekend?

Hopefully spending some time with my lovely boyfriend on Friday night, having loads of wine and pasta, sleeping in, going to a quiz night on Saturday, meeting on Sunday morning followed by baking and board games!

16.If you could play any musical instrument, which one would you play?

None but I'd really, really like to have a beautiful singing voice.

17.How are you?

Exhausted, worried about my career and wondering how to wangle a pair of 150 pound boots from an online shop....

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From Wasabi.... [Oct. 16th, 2010|08:39 pm]

A is for Animals – What is your favourite animal?
cats and kittens

B is for Books - What are you reading right now?
Carpe Jugulum by Terry Pratchett

C is for collect-What do you collect?
clothing :)

D is for Drink - What's your favourite alcoholic drink?
champagne, the more expensive the better

E is for Energy – What do you like doing best?
eating, shopping, sleeping, ambling around the park

F is for Food – What is your perfect meal?
a great coffee and a cupcake

G is for Glory - What successes have you had?
obtained my degrees, almost obtained my masters...

H is for Homes – Where do you live and describe the home you live in?
I live in my parents house (lol) in Western Australia, luckily its a huge house with 7 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms so plenty of room for all my clothes and for my own personal space.

I is for Internet – What websites do you visit regularly?
blizzard website, livejournal, facebook. news.com.au, gmail

J is for Jobs – What jobs have you had?
internet chatroom moderator, legal advice clerk, receptionist, volunteer manager

K is for Keepsake – Tell me about something you have of sentimental value.
my cats!

L is for Lottery – What is the first thing you would buy if you won millions?
pay off my credit card and buy all the stuff I want on my wish list..

M is for Music - Which band or singer are you really into right now?
the new Mark Ronson album

N is for News - Do you keep up with current affairs?
only what news.com.au really chooses to tell me, but I do also read the West Australian newspaper most mornings

O is for Optimism - Is the glass half full or half empty?
half full

P is for Playing - Do you play any musical instruments?
lol no

Q is for Quirks - What do you do that is unusual or just naughty?
I play a lot of world of warcraft

R is for Random – A random fact about you, please.
I haven't ever eaten seafood

S is for Sport - Which sports do you like to watch, or play?
none at all

T is for Travel – What is the favourite place you have visited?
probably San Gimingiano in italy

U is for Unity – What do you feel a part of that is very important to you?
a wonderful group of friends

V is for Variety – What five different words describe you best?
moody, sleepy, playful, grateful and hungry

W is for Words – What are your favourite five words?
pumpernickel, nom (as in eat), purpose

X is for X-rays – Have you broken any bones?
my ankle

Y is for Yellow – What do you really like that happens to be yellow in colour?
the simpsons, yellow peaches, danish butter, the sun, my old cat Butterpaws

Z is for Zero - Name three things that you have absolutely NO interest in.
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I love you Kate Harding [Dec. 11th, 2009|03:24 pm]
lets make babies k?

How to enjoy Xmas food without the guilt:

1. Eat whatever you want. You’re a grown-up, and it’s your fucking stomach.
2. Enjoy your food.
3. Stop eating when you’re full.
4. If you don’t manage to stop eating when you’re full, don’t worry about it. Nobody does on
5. Do not feel guilty about any of the above. You’re a grown-up, and it’s your fucking stomach.
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(no subject) [Oct. 23rd, 2009|03:22 pm]

I hate it when big decisions have to be made!

I'm in a position now where I can't keep going on with my current workload. Masters thesis and 40 hours a week work (2 part time jobs) just ain't doing it for me anymore. This kinda workload pretty much means that nothing gets done as well as it should. I keep juggling and dropping all the balls.

So I can keep working at the Boarding House next year, they love me. They love me so much that they are INCREASING my hours to 20 hours a week from 12. This will give me a whole $200 a week to live on.

RMD House also love me. I could keep working there for the (relatively nice) $420 a week. But I won't have anywehre to live.

I can't keep doing both. Or maybe I can. Money is nice and it buys me clothes. But rest is nice and it makes me happy. But then clothes also make me happy. Ugh, just to re-iterate I hate making decisions.
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